Friday, April 10, 2009

The love of my life.

In years past I've searched for you, i've tried to find the love that I felt was missing from my heart.  I thought I could find it in a man, in acceptance of my friends, in doing well in school.

None of these things satisfied the yearnings of my soul.
I gave myself emotionally to so many people; friends putting more time than they did into the friendships, and chasing boys who were no good for me.

None of these things satisfied the yearnings of my soul.
I tried to be hard.  I don't care how people treated me.  I put off this perception of strength mixed with a hardness.  I don't let people see me cry, but I do it all the time.  The hardness has taught me that its not who I want to be, I want a soft heart, one that reaches out and is emotionally intelligent. 

None of these things satisfied the yearnings of my soul.

Only one man has done the ultimate, he's laid down his life for mine.  He's been there all along, proving himself to me time and time again.  Why do I turn away from the one man who's done it all for me?  Why do I forget he died, so that I may be free?

  Only one man has satisfied the yearnings of my soul, and will continue to do so for eternity.

So today I take the time to remember, what He did, and how I don't even deserve His love.  Today I take the time to reflect on how Im living, and how He wants me to.  Today I make a conscious effort to remember the promises I've made, and today I try all over again to be the daughter He calls me to be.

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