Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've gotta find peace of mind.

I've gotta find peace of mind.
You don't even know, but you probably do.  You cannot leave your foot in the door (of my heart), I will not allow it to be there anymore.  Today I am taking back my heart.  God my father wants all of me, not just a small part.  He pursues me, he loves me, he sings over me, he breathes life into my lifeless body. 

After suffering such great loss at 23, I cannot, will not, should not expect this.  I should not expect the loss of my heart, my feelings, my words.  So today, I lay it down, all four years of feeling tied up in knots, of expecting you to be someone you are not.  

I lay it down, and choose to pick up my heart, give it to the one who will take it with care.  
He asked for this year, not you.  He asked for me to make a commitment, you didn't.  
He is the love of my life, you are not.  

I choose peace of mind, instead of you.

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