Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barefoot troubadour(s)

(Disclaimer to the reader... potentially unfinished..)

   like a troubadour you walked into my life barefoot singing songs of justice and mercy hoping to change the world.  Although wearing shoes, I wanted to change the world too, so I sang along.  
I questioned the lyrics a time or two but we both sang them together.  

You played your chords opening the lines of music symmetry we began to sing forte, and then fortissimo along the streets proclaiming our lyrics.  
In the park that night we sat quietly listening to each others scales and singing lyrics we'd never sung to others before.  

As the warmth of that summer concluded a part of my song passed away.  I needed your lyrics, your musicality, to keep me going, but another artist brought you shoes for the winter and you began to sing along.  

Today I stand here alone like a barefoot troubadour, singing songs of justice and mercy to those who believe it - knowing I can change the world.  

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