Thursday, July 16, 2009


The dark parts of my heart consume me some nights.  Light is pushed out of my heart, and is replaced with fear.

fear of making a mistake

fear of being found out

fear of loving and not being loved

fear of being forgotten

fear of loosing my way

fear of not doing what is meant

fear of not achieving 

all these fears reside within the dark parts of my soul.  Many of them digging deeper roots than I could imagine. 

Then my Abba breaks through that darkness.  He uproots them one at a time, with care so that I am not wounded by the light.  His love is so deep, and cleansing my fears are turned into hope and resilience.

They are transformed and restored into

hope of gaining wisdom from mistakes

hope of being transparent and genuine

hope of being loved so deep by a man that is appointed by God

hope of being found by my Abba

hope of His footsteps being set before me

hope of declaring what God has for me in my life

hope of the excellence and achievement God has birthed me for and with

My fears are made new by my Fathers restoring power.  I praise Him today for this new revelation, and long to be found in adoration.

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