Monday, July 13, 2009

the time traveller.

I ache from hard days
I long for days in which I cannot see right now
I miss days past

I remember walking in the field with my family picking flowers in which the weeds that were disguised as flowers were my favorite.
I look forward and long for the day I can do the same with my own family.

I love the resilient kids I get to hang out with day after day, they teach me so much.
I miss the summer of 08 in which I was exposed to poverty and wealth in the same city - both full of happiness and sadness alike.

I remember the days I was all he ever wanted.
Now I am the girl from his past.

I remember laying next to you in your hospital bed as you breathed heavily, and I longed for the moment to never end.  
I lay here alone and empty missing your advice, wisdom and our talks about music and art.

I long for the day in which I am loved the way my father would long for me to be.
I know that this time alone, should be and will be spent with my father getting to know Him, as He shows me who He desires me to be.

I remember that girl I used to be, and now I am the who I wanted to be.

The past and the present collide on a daily basis and combine to create my actions, thoughts, words.  I pray everyday that what has happened in the past will all work for good to bring glory to God my Father.

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