Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I pray daily for us.

           I pray daily for you.  I pray daily for me.  I pray daily for them.

I see, hear, and taste a passion that no one can express not even I - for a people, a generation of children and individuals, oppressed and alone.

I long to share that with you, but I have done so, so many times with others.  I thought it was appropriate to share my feelings with those who have gone before you, but so many times its been a disappointment after our friendship disintegrated. 

I pray daily for you, the real you.  The one who is genuine and true.  You speak of wisdom and justice, mercy, and tough love.  The one who will love and respect, honor and boast, of Gods blessings bestowed upon you through me.

I pray daily for me, so that I may submit to him but also may be free to be passionate.  That I may wake up daily longing to spend each moment with you fighting the cause of the weary, lonely, the unjust.

I pray daily for them.  So that these children may know their full value and worth.  That they may be loved by me, and someday you.  That today they would know of their Fathers love through my mothers heart God has blessed me with.  That they would be cherished and empowered to be the children of God they were born to be.

I pray daily for us, that we might know the love of God and one day find ourselves loving Him and each other the way we are meant to.

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