Wednesday, February 25, 2009

you took it.

you took my possessions that in reality mean nothing, but yet everything to me.
why did you force yourself into my space, I never meant for you to be there.
Im so upset and frustrated because you took it when I needed to feel safe, and not violated.
why does the loss of this meaningless material item make me feel so vulnerable?
you now have access to my life in a way no one does, and it makes me feel naked.
why did you need to deviate from norms, and rules to strip me of my shell.

I hope you know how much God loves you and wants you to do the right thing.
I hope you see that this wasn't the only answer, that there is so much you are capable of.
I hope you know that I forgive you even though you've left me feeling sick to my stomach and upset.
I hope that one day you understand that taking from someone else doesn't replace what you don't have.
I pray one day you'll be blessed like I was/am.


Battle said...

powerful writing, a beautiful picture of forgiveness.

Jessica said...

thank you.

I wrote it after an incident that happened, that in retrospect - I don't know how it resurrected such deep emotion from me.. haha.