Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Harry met Sally is when I met insanity

your lyrics and words come so easily. You speak with such humility and grace, that im amazed you are still here, in my life.

There is something about you that shone so bright when I first met you. Four years ago.
Its been a long journey, and i've grown so incredibly much, have you?
where are you at now, I guess i'll find out in a month or two weeks. I never know.
Always un/predictiable, always incredible.

There is not another person like you. You are smart, confedient, wise, shy, and strong .. but do you know all of that? You should, because I tell you.

Lets go back to the summer, lets go back to downtown walks and late night concerts.
Lets go back to whit, lists, and double talk.

India said it best when she sang...
"The moment that we met, he made me smile. He has so much compassion in his eyes I have no idea, how long he’ll be here A season or a lifetime, forever or a year
But for the first time in my life I’m not worried about the future Because we have such a wonderful time when we’re together However things turn out, it’s all right Cause he’s already changed my life."

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Alexis said...

love this. love your heart and your words.