Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love where is your fire? (spoken word?)

love, where is your fire?
why is it that all songs begin and end with loves pain?  I seek to understanding why love hurts so much, but I have yet to find an answer.  

I do not understand why time and time again I do not learn, 
I grow, 
but I don't learn from those mistakes. 

Learn to see those signs, 
learn to hear those words that are not 


let my no mean no and my yes mean yes.

my no means "maybe" and my yes means "I'll have to think about it".  Why can't I just make a decision.  I once made a decision
to care, 
to wait, 
to honor, 
to seek Gods will in this situation.  

But today, Im not sure I am honoring that decision.  I sit in my living room thinking, 
love - where is your fire?  Where is that fire I keep watching in movies.  The one that effects them so much that they'll do anything, 
say anything,
be anything?

Why do we as brilliant woman who are studying to become aware and intelligent crumble at the sounds of a love song, or promise things we are not willing to fulfill.  

Why can't we follow hard after His will, why do we often get distracted by those who make promises to never hurt nor forsake, but do.  
Its because we were built to feel something deep inside for a man, someone truly great that maybe God hasn't summoned, but he will bless me through him.  
It is also our longing for something more, something greater, something that revives our soul that we must cultivate.  We must as brilliant, loving, strong women of God chase hard after 

Follow right behind Him.
Study His word.
Love His children.
Learn to pray for those around us.
Fight for the cause of the weary, widowed, the sick. 

For he only knows those plans.
plans to prosper us - in different ways than we imagine
not to harm us - although we will feel pain
but plans to give us a Hope and a Future.

So love where is your fire?
Its hidden deep within me, and only - ONLY the creator of my being can light it.

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