Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the connectedness of pain.

I remember sitting in the grass in the park that day, 8 months after my father passed away.  As I listened to the story of the young 10 year old -- the grief had stricken her unexpectedly that day.  
I remember telling her of my own experience with grief I thought 
we are from two very different worlds but we are connected through our pain.

I find I'm questioning the purpose of many things lately.  The purpose of war, peace, justice, and love.  I am questioning my purpose in this mess that we call the world.  
Lately I've been more aware of the pain and injustice that is caused by our own hands.

Yet again I sit here in my class a world away from that place feeling the deep sadness of the 13 year old acholi girl in the movie war dance.  My father was not killed, but just like her - I've laid beside my fathers grave allowing deep waves of tears to come, whispering "come back to me".  
We are from two very different worlds  but we are connected through our pain.

Some things are universal.  
The purpose I feel lately is to accept the pain and sadness of this world, and turn it into a connectedness in which we help one another through this beautiful mess we call life.

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