Monday, December 29, 2008

Seven Pounds ..?

If theres one thing you know about me, its that I talk during movies. Its just something that my friends and family have to/or have learned to accept about moi. I just get emotionally involved, and I feel the need to debrief after movies. So after I went to see "Seven Pounds", I felt the need to here I am.

If you haven't seen this movie do not read this, but if you have.. read on.
Will Smith, in my eyes can do NO wrong, and this movie was NO exception. The man can choose a script/act. This movie forced me to think and evaluate many things..

first being our lives.. he spent the remains of his life (before committing suicide -which I didn't partiularly like) giving to other people. Giving them bone marrow, lungs, kidneys.. which again is extreme... But if we spent our lives giving ourselves to one another 100% instead of half of ourselves.. this place would be far better. In my previous blog I discussed this battle of complacency vs action. This is my struggle... I want to give up things in this life for others.. its what my heart longs to do, but I think I did so for so long, and maybe too much that I began to resent it... so I stopped in certain areas of my life -the giving I mean. I stopped caring as much, I stopped loving. But Im finally trying to find a balance.. between boundries, and giving.

I think the life of Mother Theresa is fascinating. She gave of herself, until her dying day. She took care of people most wouldn't dare touch. She lived a life amongst the poor, needy, and dying. The messege I forced out of Seven pounds, is "live life abundantly". Tell people how lovely they are just because you know they dont hear it, care for those who go unnoticed, love without reserve no matter how much it hurts, and don't live this life for yourself.

This year I dont want to make new years resoloutions, I want to make changes in the new year.

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