Monday, July 14, 2008

seeking truth in love, life, and LA.

Truth is something I desire to speak in my life, over others, this world, instituions, situations, and most importantly myself.

The mere thought of the word truth is simple, its plain.. it means what is real, what is obvious..
but for me it means more. I feel I need to speak truth into my own heart and mind before I can stand up for truth in other peoples lives -which is what I long to do.

To be able to be a woman of truth I need to be honest with myself about
what I deserve
what I desire
what God has for me
what I need to give up or add to my life in order to fulfill those things

This is the place I sit, pondering how truth is realitive in my life, and how strongly I will stand for it.

Will I stand? will I speak? will I love?

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