Saturday, July 5, 2008

My lifes purpose.

Out of the projects and off the streets arise a generation of youth who are broken and beaten, phsyically and emotionally.

Out of the streets of these neighbourhoods come talent, grace and ability.

Out of these youth come the next generation of art and talent and business.

what are we doing to cherish them, what are we doing to empower them, how will
they ever arise out of the desert without some guidance.

they will arise - out of anger or empowerment

its OUR duty and responsibility to tell them they are beautiful, talented and blessed by God.

Its MY lifes purpose to see through the pain and ugliness of THEIR world and see beauty wholeness, and hope for THEIR future.


Corrie said...

What God is doing through you is so beautiful...may God give us all eyes to see what you are seeing through him.
Love you

Twiglesworth said...

Preach it corrie
Bless you Jess
We are praying for you